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1. Blij in de wachtrij / La file d’attente amusante

Make it worth to wait.


We place waiting poles each 1,5m in the waiting line, with QR codes & clear call to action communication (what is this, what’s the advantage & what do you need to do). Consumers can scan these QR codes with their own smartphones, to be directed to an online quiz or game about your brand? We add a play & win mechanism, so players can be rewarded for playing and get a free coupon/gagdet/sample. Besides a quiz, this can be anything! A movie, website,…about your brand; anything goes.


Waiting in waiting lines can become very uncomfortable when wain starts pouring… Your brand can make that waiting more pleasant. How? By offering physical, branded materials to ensure staying dry. These can be tents, umbrellas, poncho’s… with your brand. And of course we can combine this with a sample/coupon of your brand!