THURSDAY APRIL 2nd – 17h00-21h00

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This time, we joined forces with our partners ClearXperts & Trendwolves, to bring you an evening with not one, but two keynote speakers!

About Maarten Leyts

Maarten is Founder and CEO of Trendwolves and president of global trend network LaFutura. Both as a consultant and a keynote speaker, he shares his vision on future-proof business concepts.

In his latest book, ABOUT GENERATION ALPHA IN BETA, he describes how marketing is evolving for the demographic group Generation Y, born between 2010 – the year when the iPad and Instagram were launched – and 2025. This book examines the impact of technology and digitisation on the brains and development of this generation, the world’s future consumers. With examples and insight, it shows how young entrepreneurs and influencers use new media to promote their interests and associated brand preferences to their peers and to the world.

About Junior Malela

Junior is a social media expert and has been sharing his expertise with companies like Dreamland, Alpro, Montebi etc.

He will share his insights on the rise of TikTok and how brands can be relevant on this platform. He will bring some best cases as inspiration.

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18 December 2019
This time we invite Christophe Jauquet who has been a great inspiration to us with his new book Healthusiasm. We believe his new perspective on how product and brand experiences are involving into personal tranformations that put a smile on people’s faces.

About Christophe Jauquet

As an expert in health marketing & trends, Christophe has been inspiring people as an international keynote speaker, author and consultant. He rocks stages during conferences or in-company meetings to surf with organisations on this wave of Healthusiasm.

About Healthusiasm

Why are people more conscious of their health today than ever before?
How can you truly make your customers healthy and happy?
What do health-conscious people expect from your company or brand?

In a world where technology increasingly meets our basic and social needs, people want to become the best version of themselves. A major aspect of this is that we aspire to be(come) as healthy and happy as possible.

Healthusiasm not only describes the enthusiasm to live healthily and happily, but also explains what people expect from products, services and experiences in their quest for selfactualisation. The book challenges companies and brands to think about how they can help their customers in their aspiration.

Want to take a look at his keynote? Please do!